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Well, quite a bit has happened lately. Plans for Z-day are underway and it looks like it’s shaping up to be quite the event for March 13th. As of late a new project called “Why I’m for Zeitgeist” has been put forth. You can make a podcast audio file or a video explaining why you are for this movement. So, that’s exactly what myself and my mom are planning to do. Pod cast will be up soon as soon as we can get it done.



Ever since I got into the Zeitgeist Movement and really connected with the people involved, it’s been non-stop doing this and that for it. Which I don’t mind, cuz it’s awesome, I love the people I work and talk with and the projects we do allow me to learn new things, challenge myself and feel like I’m getting something done.

So, first off, on a more personal note, I’m starting a new eating plan and work out regimen. Most of you out there who are reading probably at some point or another struggled with some weight issue or know someone who has. Whether it’s being too skinny, too fat, disliking something or another about your body, most of us have been there and I’m no exception. My issue is weight and body fat percentage. I’m not obese, but I’m not healthy either. I’m currently at 165 pounds and about a year ago I was at 198. True, I’ve lost quite a bit, but I’ve still got aways to go. I’ve yo-yo dieted, tried all kinds of crazy things, from general counting calories, atkins, vegetarian, vegan, and other different types of measurements. In the end, what has worked for me is just plain portion control and listening to my body when I’m hungry. Also, I try not to get to the point of being really hungry, cuz then it’s hard to think about what you really need, vs how what you feel you need. Your stomach is an idiot, not until 20 minutes after you’re “full” does it even send signals to the brain that your fine now and not rage starving like a marathon runner after getting up in the morning. Anyway, my eating plan consists of 6-7 meals a day, protein of some sort with every meal along with a carb (Carb part can be fruit, or some complex carb such as potato or even yogurt) and two to three must have a veggie serving along with each protein and carb. The protein, carb (and veggie) servings can be either the size of your fist or your palm. This way, you’re eating the right amount of calories, but not gorging yourself for only two to three meals a day, you’re sprinkling the nutrients you need on a more daily basis, by consuming said portions every 2-3 hours. Never go with out eating over 3 hours. I’ve done this type of diet many times before, you get ravenous, dizzy and totally irritable if you don’t eat that often. This eating plan also consists of a work out regimen too, but I’m going to focus on the eating for a few days to get my body used to it and then post about the work out regimen. So, that’s what’s personally going on with me. I’ll keep a recording of my measurements, progress, feelings and such through out my use of this eating/workout regimen. At the end of it, I’ll post the site I got this from if it works for me so others may try. Last thing I want to do is promote something that sounds great, but doesn’t work and have others try and fail. Also, I’ll be eating organic as much as possible, so much of my shopping will take place here

Back of Skagit Co-op

Ok, on a more professional and business oriented note we’re having a Zeitgeist Moving Forward showing at Skagit Valley College! Which I’m very, very excited about. It’ll be playing on the 19th of February at around 6pm (Further details coming soon!) Two boys I met and have become quite fast friends with are also going to stay for a few days to help us out. These guys are awesome, I can both relate and learn from them. They both have strengths and weaknesses that play well and contrast each other to help them out and get things done. Both have a fantastic dynamic to each of their personalities and I love hanging with them. I know how blessed, for lack of a better explanation to know everyone I do in the movement and get along with them. It’s still odd, once in a while, being the youngest of the group, I have so much to learn and experience that I lack, but they’re all really kind, exuberant and dedicated and that makes working on such a huge task far easier then if everyone was so down about changing the world and in the process, themselves by learning and gaining new experience as we all go along.

Also, Z-Day or Awareness day is coming up as well! This will be March 13th at West Lake Center in Seattle and it’s going to be awesome! We’re doing a sort of as one of the Seattle co-coordinators puts it “A farmers market of collaboration and awareness” I believe. We’re planning to join forces and have other organizations with like minded goals come forth and talk with the public, sharing ideas, tips and discussions on many, many topics including sustainability, environment, technology, social pathology and so on. Each organization can have key note speakers as well. The entire day is set up so we can all converse with the public and create bonds while also going forth and reaching goals that we wouldn’t be able to do just by ourselves. Cooperation is key to any successful venture that has to do with bettering anything.

Updates on my weight (so fascinating…) our showing and Z-day (far more fascinating!) coming up soon!

Have any questions about Z-day or our showing or even questions about weight (I’m no expert, but I do know a few things) please feel free to comment!

World is listening, or is it?

My first blog. Well, to start off this will suck at first, just like the beginning of mastering things, you generally are horrible at it, or in rare cases, have a small knack to show you’ll eventually get better. According to the book I’m using to get this blog going, I will die a little inside when I come back and look at this post (Although it’s too late, because part of my soul is already pushing up daisies *shudder*) but, that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? So, let’s get started. This blog will be half personal, half extroverted, meaning, it will contain a general view both myself and others see about the topic I’m writing about, which is The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project.

I first came in contact with the knowledge of the existence of each from seeing Zeitgeist: Addendum. My mom came home from her college class and told me all the students watched this movie called “Zeitgeist: Addendum” however, they were unable to watch all of it since in a educational, beaurcratic view it was too “controversial” which me, being me, I just thought “Ooh, put it in! Must watch!” as the status quo never interested me, except for when it can be bent or broken. During the first part of the movie, the part that covers the monetary system, how it was created and how it works, I was giggling. Not because I found it ridiculous, but because it figured to me. After all the dealings I’ve had with money and the system as it stands, the pain it’s caused, the lies it perpetuates, it just seems like irony, or rather an oxy-moron to find out it was created the way it is, which is to say, it’s fake and it’s a game of monopoly. Wait, I can hear you right now, I got ahead of myself didn’t I? I promise I’ll eventually get over that, but then again, this is a personal blog and it is written from my point of view for the most part. Either way, I’m sure you’re confused, correct?

Let’s start over.

Lemme first start with explaining just what The Zeitgeist Movement (or how I’ll often refer to it as TZM) is. The Zeitgeist Movement is a grass roots organization that is the activist arm of The Venus Project. (TVP) Both organizations strive to explain the problems of the world at it’s route causes, advocate a shift in the social paradigm by offering the solution of an RBE (Resource Based Economy) in which the earth is declared the inheritance of all of it’s inhabitants and where we as the human race learn how to effectively use and allocate the resources given to us in the most logically and humanly strategic way possible so that every being is taken care of, meaning fed, housed and free in the most humanly possible way, with out having to submit to employment to a machine, nor another human. For a clearer understanding then I can simply offer in words, watch the movie Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, which covers both the problems we face in society, in depth and well researched reasons as to why we face them, and solutions we can do to help alleviate the issues at their root causes. Link here at the bottom of this post. The movie is free to watch and is 2 hours and 41 minutes on YouTube.

Now, hoping that was at least somewhat of a sufficent explaintion, let’s continue with the blog.

As I said earlier about my first contact with the movement, I was intrigued, but also skeptical. In seeing both Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum and being Christian, hearing the facts of religions was a bit of a put off, and still often is for most people. Later I learned that Zeitgeist was a movie created before the movement started, basically it was Peter Joseph’s (creator of the movies) personal and researched view on some of the issues that come along with institutions and the status quo, how people are blinded to what’s really going on, which is true, but you still catch more flies with honey then with vinegar (which is a horrible metaphor because one it isn’t true, and two, why would someone want to catch flies??) Anyway, Addendum covers things much better, but it still has issues and doesn’t go into enough depth on The Venus Project. Moving Forward however covers everything very well and engages the audience with both hard hitting facts and humor which we need in this morbidity we’re surrounded by, especially with the issues talked about, such as human nature vs nurture. What actually makes someone a killer or with out empathy? This and lots of other things are discussed with experts on the subject with a particular focus in the beginning on epigenetics.