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Well, quite a bit has happened lately. Plans for Z-day are underway and it looks like it’s shaping up to be quite the event for March 13th. As of late a new project called “Why I’m for Zeitgeist” has been put forth. You can make a podcast audio file or a video explaining why you are for this movement. So, that’s exactly what myself and my mom are planning to do. Pod cast will be up soon as soon as we can get it done.


The world as it stands today, its conduct and processes are … to put it nicely, messed up. What with nearly 1 in four people in the world live on less then a dollar a day, where 3% of the worlds population hold 40% of the planets wealth, things are far from being a pretty picture, yet we all still go on, working jobs, going to school working on our existential and internal issues, often questioning our own sanity, though we dare not speak of it to anyone else, for fear of being ostracized and outcast. I want to say right now that we all are insane. To let this continue till it starts to affect everyone and we can no longer turn a blind eye is utter blasphemy and says nothing for the account of the human species. We don’t own this earth, we’re blessed to be alive at all, yet this is what we do with it? Meaningless and often cruel tendencies we’re forced to participate in which we don’t even realize the weight of our actions. Insanity is stated to mean “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” This is ALL we do. We do the same thing everyday and hope that maybe things will change by themselves, or maybe today things will be a bit better. Honest truth, how can something be different if it is literally the exact same thing as before? Obviously it can’t, that’s the point. False hope, false promise given to us by which we submit ourselves to honestly believe because we wish for it. What are we? 3 year olds? Even our youngest can understand when something isn’t working and to try something new. Worse still is that not only are we a horribly stagnant and monotonous group, but it’s getting worse. With all the waste we produce, planned obsolescence, the wealthy controlling everything, when not only do they not have a right to, but also generally didn’t earn what they have, unlike those who have very little, but still work with it.

The funny thing … or rather morbidly funny thing is it’s getting worse and we don’t realize it or if we do, we have the time honored excuse of “That’s just the way it is” – I just love this cop-out (note sarcasm and pure distain underlying it) What right does one even have to say that? I’d love to take each person who honestly believes this to go to someone homeless, or starving, or grieving for something and say “That’s just the way it is” and see what happens. Worst part about it that drives me insane is that often the one who says the status quo as it stands with the phrase “that’s just the way it is” is the one helping cause the issues, either directly or inadvertly. Being that they either have the train of thought to think “Oh, it’s just this small bad thing I did, no big deal.” But … it’s never just one thing is it? Neither is it actually small. Studies show that if one person does something immoral or something widely deemed as abhorrent behavior, it opens the door not only for other to copy, but also to amplify and worsen the condition and issues in the first place. Everyone does this, go ahead and believe that maybe somehow you’re better then the lab rats we all show ourselves to be, but I’ll tell you right now, you aren’t and neither am I. This is not to put anyone reading this down, this is to show how we are conditioned to be what we act like. I have a theory on the excuse we come up with when we do a said act. It’s logical to us … at the time anyway. Generally ones train of thought runs down the line to think something like “Well, someone is going to do it, doesn’t really matter who, does it.” Think about it. When you did something considered “bad” you had something near that line of though or a variation of it. We excuse ourselves from these things because guilt tears us up. We as humans find anything we can to excuse ourselves from something we know is wrong. Whether it be on a personal level, such as lying to a friend; professional level, such as putting the blame on someone else if the boss finds out you did it or a social level, such as causing some small conflict that ends up snowballing.

Even the exceptions for bad behavior, being good behavior, is merely another excuse. Sure, it feels good to help someone or do something that “bad” people don’t do, but do we really mean it? Do you actually care about recycling for instance because you’re worried about the future of the planet and the animals who suffer because of our belligerent negligence? Or is it because you’re worried about your possible children’s and grandchildren’s future and how healthy they’ll be in a massively land, water and air polluted world? Or maybe because you yourself want a cleaner environment over all so you live longer and what you consider better? Maybe you do it just because everyone else is or someone got on your back about it. What ever the reason, it’s still purely an excuse from any bad things you’ve done. A sort of redemption. Do you actually mean it? Would you care for instance for the health of the planet itself if the human race were to die anyway? Say recycling wasn’t for us, it’s actually for the planet and in 200 years we’ll all die out or something. Think you’d still care? Why should you? You, or any part of you (being your fellow human beings) is now out of the equation, so why should you care? ┬áNot only is this an excuse for previous wrong doings, but now, even worse, future ones. Take someone who recycles all the time and litters simply because they aren’t thinking about it, in a hurry can’t find a trash, whatever subsequent excuse they come up with, well, they recycle, so it’s all good, they made up for it, right? Let me refer back to the previous notion that when people are more likely to act abhorrently when they see it done, again, with an excuse for doing so, because someone else did. I’ll bet if you were to quantify the results, all the recycling that one person did is now outweighed by all the new littering that happened as a result of their previous excuse to litter. Now, sure I may be taking a few things either out of context or stretching the truth in order to make a point, we all do that, even if we don’t realize it.

All this taken into account, I’d like to know world, what’s your next excuse for another disaster that happens? Is that just the way it is? Do we have no control over our actions? Or is it just that some people are “bad”? I think we’re made up of a large intricate web of pure excuses, some total B.S. and others having little or no merit in the long run. We can change this, start taking responsibility for our actions, admit when we’re wrong, realize failures are not FAIL, they are how we learn and we must strive in life to make the most logical and sustainable decisions we can. Not just for us, but for everything we believe we stand for.