I’ve been apart of this movement for about 3 years. I’ve since then I’ve gone to 2 Z-Day’s which are basically celebrations for those in the movement and for anyone curious or interested to come and find out what we’re about. I’ve become a core member of the Washington chapter and have made some great new friends and met some truly great people. I’ve become more and more involved, from going out and posting flyers for the new movie, to helping organize the showing we had at the Metro and taking tickets. This movement is also forcing me to come out of my shell. I’ve always seen the world a bit differently then most, but I’ve also been too shy to ever really say so or speak out. Certain people in particular in my life, both that I’ve known before the movement and after I became apart of it are helping and guiding me in an abstract way on a journey of finding not only a better way, but also who I am and what I want in and from life.

The following posts will be about both the journey of Zeitgeist itself and of a personal one and how it’s influenced me, both through the knowledge I have and am acquiring and also the people and circumstances I encounter. I hope those reading both enjoy reading and are interested in a mutual way. Really, because there isn’t anything worse in the way of the internet then spending time reading an extremely long post of some sort and coming back from delving in none the wiser. I’ll update as much as possible and when inspiration strikes. I would love to hear comments and thoughts, criticisms are welcome to, but not if they’re unfounded and have no basis for argument or debate. Troll comments will be deleted as will spam.